Empowerment Arises through an Array of Coordinated Services and Programs

PSCH is dedicated to empowering individuals with developmental and mental health disabilities, including co-occurring substance abuse disorders. We offer a customized package of services, in the community and at home, specially designed to support and strengthen individual goals for independence and a high quality of life.

Working collaboratively with PSCH staff and families, consumers receive coordinated care and assistance with choosing programs and services best suited to their needs and aspirations. Our services include residential options ranging from 24-hour supervised care facilities to single and group residences offering varying levels of independence and supervision. Primary care, mental health care, educational, vocational, habilitation and supportive services are available throughout our service area.

Families and caregivers receive support and assistance through our Consumer Advocacy and Family Support services which include benefits counseling, resource coordination, case management, reimbursement for special equipment and home renovations for individuals with developmental disabilities, among many other programs and services.