A Message from Alan M. Weinstock President & CEO, PSCH

At PSCH, we are committed to a continuous journey towards enhancing the care and satisfaction in the clinical, residential and programs offered by our many dedicated employees.

In behavioral healthcare many organizations are committed to quality but there are few widely-accepted measures that are useful to stakeholders to measure performance. Our consumers and their families, the communities we serve, the agencies that license our programs and those organizations that provide us with financial support and reimbursement have a right to know, objectively, how well we do.

To date, no behavioral health organization in New York has truly embraced transparency- publishing organizational data for all to see and evaluate. PSCH is taking the unprecedented step of beginning to publish quality and consumer satisfaction on our web-site.

As a regional leader in the provision of mental health, developmental disability, and substance abuse services, PSCH accepts its responsibility to develop proven quality standards and share the results with our staff and the communities we serve. We seek to engage other providers and relevant professionals in an ongoing dialogue to create improvement opportunities and develop best clinical practices.

The data currently shown on our website are only the beginning. PSCH will continue to add relevant quality, financial, efficiency, and consumer satisfaction measures to inform our internal audience, our Board and staff, and to share our data externally to advance the power of transparency and quality improvement in the behavioral health field. PSCH is also committed to facilitating access for its consumers to quality health-related and hospital services. Future data will demonstrate our commitment to coordinating care between inpatient and hospital-based services.

PSCH welcomes the challenge internal and external transparency will drive and are enthusiastic about what it means to improving our clinical and administrative performance.

I look forward to sharing our quarterly updates and additions.

Alan M. Weinstock, President & CEO, PSCH